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All we need from you:

– Confirmed booking date and signed contract

– Access to the venue for a 2-hour set up (morning of or night before)

– We can provide up to 4 assemblies (to accommodate larger schools) at a single location

– Lunch and water for the team

– 1-hour tear down

Host housing-

We ask for a 2 night minimum stay in your city provided for the team.  We have 5 young ladies, 6 young men and our tour directors(a married couple).  We also ask for sponsored meals for the team.  This model has worked well for us over the last several years and keeps our booking fee’s to a minimum(most other groups charge hotel and meal fee’s).



“EPIC Assemblies lives up to its name…Cast connects with students, encourages positive choices. The fast-paced, heartfelt production took advantage of delivering the unexpected – frank messages from young adults who had experienced the consequences of negative choices, and weren’t afraid to share their stories.” – Annette Tait excerpt from Center Republican newspaper 

“You completely changed my life.  I was bullied a lot.  After you came they [the bullies] changed.  Thank you.”  -Student on Twitter

“I’ve never felt so moved in my entire 18 years of existence. The testimonies were so touching and almost every single one of them I have gone through or am currently going through.  Never stop doing what you are doing.”  -student  

“During the assembly, my daughter, Nichole, was crying.  When the assembly was over, she spoke with a cast member.  As a parent we want what is best for our children and sometimes it must come from someone other than us.  For my daughter, it was EPIC Assemblies.” -Parent

 How can I bring EPIC to my school?

Our presentations are extremely high quality and would easily be priced between $5000-$10,000 per event; however, we are among the most affordable programs in the country.  Do to the content of our assemblies, we fit into most grant programs available to schools that deal with prevention, school climate, and health.  Events are made even more affordable with District and Community rates.


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